A Senior Web Developer in Training

I was a student in Calgary at SAIT and took the New Media Production and Design course from Sept 2017 to April 2019. I learned how to make websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and Word Press.

This website acts as a hub for all of my projects that are in development. At the moment it is a single page that shows linked card to the projects that I am working on. This website cannot be found on Google because it is just a testing server run on my Raspberry Pi.

What I am interested in

I am interested in making any kind of website with new or old technologies like WordPress or Grav. I like learning new platforms and technologies to make a websiteor finish a project in progress.

What I have learned from SAIT

I have learned how to do basic HTML forms like Login Pages. How to make arrays of different items. I have made this webpage to display my ability to make a webpage.

I have learned how to make web pages using HTML, CSS, PHP, and some JavaScript

What I have learned to build from SAIT

What I have learned while working at True Market

These are just some of the things that I have learned. I am always looking to learn more.