Friday is an Artificial Intelligence like software that I am developing as a chatbot for Discord. The chatbot system works off of the API from OpenAI using fine-tuning and the curie model. Friday also comes with community moderation tools, music playback, chat-based games and more. The project is being made with Python 3.8 and

This project has a public Github repository available.

To talk with Friday in Discord you can mention the bot followed by your message. e.g: "@Friday hey, how are you?" and Friday will respond with something generated by the AI model. e.g: "I'm doing good, how about you?".

Friday Discord Bot logo

Below is a code snippet from the "ping" command that you can run with Friday by using !ping or @Friday ping.

from __future__ import annotationsfrom discord.ext import commandsfrom typing import TYPE_CHECKINGfrom functions import embedif TYPE_CHECKING:  from functions import MyContext  from index import Fridayclass Ping(commands.Cog):  """Ping? Pong!"""  def __init__(self, bot: Friday): Friday = bot  def __repr__(self) -> str:    return f"<cogs.{self.__cog_name__} content=\"Pong\">"  @commands.hybrid_command(name="ping")  async def ping(self, ctx: MyContext):    """Pong!"""    shard = ctx.guild and    latency = f"{shard.latency*1000:,.0f}" if shard is not None else f"{*1000:,.0f}"    await ctx.send(embed=embed(title="Pong!", description=f"⏳ API is {latency}ms"))async def setup(bot):  await bot.add_cog(Ping(bot))

Previous versions of this project were written in NodeJS which can be found on my Github repository and C# which was not set up with a repository.

These older versions of Friday even had and older logo, which is displayed below.

Friday Discord Bot logo