Sait Directions was a project that was given to my group as a challenge to make a way finding software/program with a given technology. The technologies that got to be chosen were (literally) pulled from a hat. My group received the technoology voice recognition.

The best solution that my group chose to go with to tackle voice recognition was making a Google assistant app/program. In doing so I got to learn more about coding in JavaScript and if I ever need to again, how to make a Google assistant app.

SAIT Directions logo

This Google assistant app does not have a public version.

To active the app you first need the Google assistant app, if you already have the app then say "Hey, Google talk to SAIT Directions". At this point you will be introduced to SAIT Directions by Alfred. Alfred is your guide around SAIT.

After you have gotten the introduction you can say a room number and Alfred will start by getting you to go to the building in which the room is located. Once at the building you will be told to find your way to the floor that the room is on. Then finally to find the room that you are looking for.

I would have liked to be able to have Alfred know your altitude to tell you if you are on the right floor but the Google assistant is limited in that regard. Having alfred show you how to get to the room with a map would have also been something great to add but for the project that would have taken too long because we would have to make a floor plan of the entire school and have it approved by SAIT and Google.

If you would like to learn more about this project and try it out for your self, I would be more than happy to add you to a Beta testing list. Just contact me on my Contact form and I will add you ASAP.