While working for True Market I worked on two projects that I got to complete from start to finish. I only worked on the code part of this website and had no input on the content or design of this site.

JodyCastle Logo

Element alignment

Building this website taught me a lot about element alignment and scaling ocwardly placed element down for mobile browsers. I especially noticed this with the large background elements that needed to fill the width of the viewport while scalling down or up for smaller and larger screens. The most notible element where this took place were the wavy patterns near the navigation and footer.

WordPress Post Categorizing

Along with learning a lot about element placement and viewport scaling, I also got the chance to dive into the WordPress post tag and category system. The client also wanted the categories to be dynamic and stay up to date with the WordPress backend. The main stuggle with this was dealing with the large number of posts that were already created before this website was contracted out to True Market.

Social Sharing links/buttons

The client also requiested for there to be social media sharing links to share a selected post on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or Linkedin. I got to work on making these links dynamic to the current post at which they were displayed.