This is one of the projects that I worked on while working for True Market. I did not create this website from scratch, I only worked on change to the website.

First General Logo

Modifications made

For this website I have made changes to the front page, and document signing pages.

Image comparision slider

The first change that I made to the front page of the website was making the image comparasion animation when the page first loads only active after the have loaded. This task was completed by adding a Javascript event listener that checkes for when those have loaded before the animation is triggered. This change can be viewed from the First General front page.

DocuSign and forms page

DocuSign is an online docuemnt signing website.

While working on this website I also got the chance to learn about and how DocuSign works. All of the forms on the Restoration Forms page were created by me, and they were based on PDF's and Word Documents provided by First General.

For the creation of the restoration forms I also created the restoration forms page on the First General website. I built this page from the already existing WordPress theme and the previously accepted design.