This is one of the projects that I worked on while working for True Market. I did not create this website from scratch, I only worked on changes to the website.

Aqurus Logo

The modifications that I made

On this website I only made changes to the front page, contact page, and added an author byline to the posts linking to the authors portrait on the contact page.

Header of the front page

The work that I did on the front page of the website was adding the 3 boxes just below the header. The design of this page was provided to me. The upcoming events box loads the upcoming event from WordPress and displays the date, title, description, and link to the event page. The changes that I made for the front page can be viewed on the Aqurus wesite.

Contact Page

On the contact page I added the portraits for the president and business solutions specialist of Aqurus just above the contact form. The portrait image have id's on them for the author byline to link to. I also added the header image behind the title of the page. The portraits and header image can be viewed on the Aqurus contact.

Author Byline

The author byline for this website was the first one that I have created for a website, and while I was creating this I tried to make it as modular as possible so that I could add it to other clients websites in the future.

The bylines for this website contain the portrait of the author and their name that links to their portrait on the contact page. I also added micro data to the byline for better SEO.